Look beyond your first choice

Dear Sir, I completed 10th standard in 2011, after which I started working to support my family, and therefore, could not pursue higher education. Now, I want to study further, but I will not be able to leave my current job. Please advise me on how I should go about both. Anam Dear Anam, It is commendable that you left higher studies to support your family, and equally admirable that you want to pursue your higher studies after a gap of six years. scdl solved papers People over the age of 18 can apply for degree courses of the Open University directly without completing class 12. Some open universities ask you to enroll in a simple graduate preparation course (BPC) after which you can start studying on your own without leaving your job. You have to do assignments and give annual examinations. You can even take a break if your work pressure is high and take some exams after six months.

Think carefully about which stream of higher studies will take you further in your career because you already have six years of work experience, and enroll accordingly. Some of the reputed Open Universities are Annamalai University Indira Gandhi National Open University (navkimsolutions.com), Madurai Kamaraj University (ww.navkimsolution.com), Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (www.scdl.net), University Hyderabad (www .knsolutionedu. com). Dear Sir, I completed PUC this year. I am interested in animation and would like to know about it. Are there any specific engineering programs in animation? Is there any scope for this in the future? Please also suggest that after doing this course I can work in those areas. There is a growing demand for student fear students, jobs in animation, and allied fields of game design, web design, app design. Many universities are offering full-time degree and diploma courses.


However, at the undergraduate level, animation does not have an engineering degree, but you can do a postgraduate in that field after a degree in computer science, informatics or electronics engineering. Employment opportunities are available at all times with start-ups for multi-national companies, which are developing animation, advertising, films, educational products, etc.

Dear Sir, I am studying BA (first year) and want to study law at NLSIU, Bengaluru. I did not pass the CLAT 2017 exam. Will it be worth preparing for CLAT 2018, and will I be able to go to NLS if I pass CLAT 2018, or should I continue with this three-year degree. Also, are there any other good law colleges that are equivalent to NLS; Akash justifies dear Akash when you set your mind to pursue a specific career, and if your passion is supported by the right qualifications, personality traits, skills, and risks. Do not get discouraged just because you are not getting admission to the best college, which is your first choice.

There are many good colleges all over the country that provide excellent legal education. Some of them give admission through a test called LSAT. Since you are already doing a BA, you can also explore the option of completing your degree and enroll in a three-year LLB degree offered by many other colleges. Dear Sir, I am a 3-year-old BSc graduate. I completed my graduation in 2000 with a total of 48% and have been working in the IT sector for the last 16 years. It has been my constant urge to practice law. I am considering a sabbatical from my current job and doing a full-time LLB course. Can you provide information about the eligibility criteria for studying full-time LLB? I would be really happy if you can guide me to pursue my interest, thanks in advance. Raghu L K

Dear Raghu, Three-year LLB courses are open to graduates from any stream and are offered by many colleges in Bengaluru and elsewhere. However, to get accurate information about age limits, entrance exams, etc., it is always better to visit and speak at the respective colleges, as the rules and standards change from time to time, and often, even the website as a whole Does not update with Some of the colleges you seek are Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, BMS Law College, Government Law College, KLE Society Law College, MS Ramaiya Law College, Seshadripuram Law College, SJRC Law College and Evening College.


Dear Sir, I have done my engineering from Environmental Engineering (India) and MSc in Glasgow (UK) in Waste Management. But, as soon as my visa expired, I had to return to India. I am applying for jobs in India, but I have been asked for experience. It seems that there are not many opportunities for freshers. What should I do? Should I do a Ph.D.? I want to advance my career in this field. Acta y Pattanaic

Dear Unity, Although the environmental and waste management sectors, are growing, employment opportunities for freshers are limited, as most organizations are looking for people who can produce results. However, it is better not to do a Ph.D. only because you are not getting a job. scdl online exams  If you are keen on gaining work experience, you will have to be persistent and contact companies and organizations working in related fields, if necessary, also offer your services as an intern. You will get a feel of the work environment and they will be able to understand what skills you have to offer. Within a year, you will be able to move on to a more relevant and well-paid job.